“Thanks so much for all that you are doing. Last week I saw one of our recipients in clinic and he told me it was the first month he did not run out of money (and food) before the end of the month, in part due to Help One Love One!! It made me so happy !!”

Meg Benefield, LICSW
Clinical Social Worker
Minnesota Cystic Fibrosis Center

“Since receiving Help One Love One’s gift cards to my local grocery store I’ve been able to add more fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet. Since I am also diabetic this has helped me stabilize my insuline. Thanks for your help.”
Mike, age 52 with cf

“I lost my job this year and because of that my available food dollars were not enough to keep my weight up. After receiving Help One Love One’s support I’ve been able to gain a few pounds and worry less about my next meal. Thank you Help One Love One for caring about me.”
Connie, age 31 with cf

“I’ve received help from Help One Love One for nearly two years. My weight was unstable in the past, but now with Help One Love One’s help each month I’m feeling better and I’m able to work more hours at my job. Without the nutritional support I just could not stay well enough to work my job. Now I’m getting back on my feet. I don’t want to even think about where I might have been if I hadn’t received your help.”
Brian, age 27 with cf

“I just came back from my clinic visit. I gained two more pounds. Thanks for the extra pizza gift cards.”
Ann, age 31 with cf

I enjoyed the newsletter you last sent out with the interview of another CFer.  These gift cards we receive are so incredibly helpful.  I thank God for it everyday!  D.M.

I again want to thank you so very much for the food card!  It has truly made a huge difference this past month especially since my GI Bleed.  My appetite and cravings for foods has grown a mind of its own!  It’s been a huge struggle since December for my family and me financially.  I can not thank you enough for your wonderful help!    A. B.

Thank you Help One Love One.  You gave me the fuel with the gift of food to conquer final exams at college.   S. M.

I cannot express to you how much the gifts you are sending mean to me!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.  A. J.

Thanks again HOLO!  C.P.

The $100, sometimes more, really honestly gets me through each month with my head above water, which is a really hard things for me to accomplish these days!  I have a full belly on a daily basis.  Thank you!  T.D.

The support of HOLO has made such a difference in my ability to keep good meals and lots of snacks on hand.  I’m eating A LOT to keep my energy up during the day.  Thank you so much!!   S.M.

Your support is priceless to me.   C.B.

Right now, more than ever, your words and your gifts help me more than I can say.  R.G.

I’m so grateful!   T.D.

Thank you for this blessing, it means a ton!   S.M.

Just want to thank you!!  This helps me so much!  A.Z.

Thank you again and a million times over for your amazing generosity and dedication.  Your help means EVERYTHING to me!  Thank you, HOLO, for EVERYTHING.  You mean so much to me!!  A.B.

I was hungry, now I’m full.  Thank you HOLO!   H.N.

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