Q – May I deduct my donation on my taxes?

A – Help One Love One (HOLO) is a 501 c 3 charitable, tax exempt, organization recognized by the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota Attorney General.  Your gift is tax deductable if your total yearly financial gifts fall within allowable ranges of the IRA tax code for the given year.  We supply receipts with every donation.


Q – Do you have paid staff?

A – At this time we are a total volunteer organization with no paid staff.  In 2014 our volunteers logged 1473 volunteer hours.  As we grow we may desire to obtain hired staff but at the present time we have ample volunteers to facilitate our program. If you have talents that can help us grow we would certainly consider a paid staff position.  To further that conversation contact Kelly at 507-775-6332or helponeloveone@gmail.com


Q – Do you have any opportunities for paid staff?

A – Yes, we do!  If you have experience in growing organizations such as ours we would like to talk to you.  We are especially interested in professionals who are qualified to join our board of  directors, grow our marketing outreach, direct our organization, design and direct fundraising events, direct corporate financial partnerships, and generally help us grow so we can meet all the nutritional needs at the Minnesota Cystic Fibrosis Center and beyond.  Contact Kelly at 507-775-6332 or helponeloveone@gmail.com .


Q – Do you need more volunteers?

A – Absolutely!  We are a growing organization with many needs.  If you have time and energy, from a few hours a month to many hours a month, we can probably find a place for you within our volunteer base.  Contact Kelly at 507-775-6332 or helponeloveone@gmail.com  .


Q – What percentage of my donation will be used for food for CF adults?

A – 93% of donations in 2016 were used to purchase food gift cards or supportive means for adults with cystic fibrosis.  The American Institute of Philanthropy states, “highly efficient charities spend 75% or more on programs” which HOLO has done each and every year of our existence.


Q – Do CF adults receive one time or monthly support?

A – HOLO recipients receive monthly support until their nutritional crisis period has passed.


Q – How does a CF adult qualify for HOLO’s program?

A – At HOLO it is one of our goals to respect the dignity of the individual who chronically battles cystic fibrosis.  We attempt to leave the original evaluation of their nutritional and financial needs to their medical care team. CF adults are qualified through the CF social worker team at the Minnesota CF Clinic.  Yearly re-evaluations are obtained to verify ongoing requirement for our program.


Q – How is funding delivered to CF adults?

A – We deliver food through gift cards to recipient’s favorite food stores so they can shop for the foods that best meet their individual dietary requirements.


Q – Why do you support adults who have CF and not children?

A – Our hope for the future is that we will eventually be able to support children and families at the Minnesota CF Center but for now we support adults because they have fewer available programs for nutritional support.  Also, adults with CF have suffered a lifetime of challenges from CF and are at the highest risk of losing their life due to disease progression.

We also support adult CF patients to help them maintain dignity among their family and friends.  No adult ever wants to go to family and friends to beg for food.  Our HOLO recipients report to us that our program does in fact maintain their dignity in this area of concern.  As they have approached the adult years many are trying to maintain independent lives apart from the care of parents who have long exhausted their financial resources providing care for the disease.  For many CF adults the choice of returning to parents for care is no longer an option.

We also support adult CF patients because it is their sacrifice through clinical trials, prolonged hospital and clinic treatment, and the verbal ability to communicate how CF affects them that has helped scientists and doctors advance the treatment and hopefully one day the cure for cystic fibrosis.  Because of the adult CF population, the children of today are living a life with much more promise and less hardship than the generations that came before them.  The very least we can do for the CF adults is provide food in their hour of need.


Q – Can’t CF adults go to a food pantry?

A- Yes, and many do.  However not every community has food pantries.  Food pantries usually only provide enough food for a few meals each month.  Our monthly support provides 2-3 weeks worth of extra food for our recipients.  Also, because of digestive issues exclusive to CF, food pantries do not always provide food that are easily digested by CF adults, resulting in stomach upset and the need to take more costly digestive enzymes.


Q- Don’t CF adults already receive food stamps or EBT cards?

A – Yes, some do, but because of their increased caloric requirements the government program often fails to supply enough dollars to meet their caloric needs.  Our program often also allows them to purchase higher quality foods because of receiving additional funds.


Q – Why is nutrition important?

A – While better nutrition can not guarantee wellness overall it gives CF adults the ability to maintain weight, gain weight , qualify for organ transplantation, fight off infections, stave off depression, live otherwise healthier lives or be assured of a more pleasant end of life experience.


Q – Do you ever supply funding for other medical needs other than food?

A – On a few rare occasions we have supplied gasoline gift cards so CF adults could get to clinic or hospital but that is not our primary focus at this time.  In the future, as more funding is available, we would like to be able to offer help to CF children and their families, gasoline gift cards for the purpose mentioned above and hotel vouchers for patients who travel from a distance of 150 miles or more to clinic or hospital. We will not be offering any of these services until all the food disparities are met, but as you can see we have many areas of opportunity that would serve the CF community.

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