Who We Are

Our mission is simple: We provide funding to adults with cystic fibrosis, to primarily aid with their nutritional needs. We provide other assistance when financially possible.

When Kelly McLain, a mother of an adult son with cystic fibrosis, learned that some adults with cystic fibrosis were struggling to purchase enough food to meet their daily caloric needs she got busy trying to find a solution to this problem. She knew that these young adults were the pioneers of cystic fibrosis adulthood. Here they were, finally living into their adult years, something only dreamed of a short decade ago, and yet the success of this new milestone continued to present even greater challenges. The independent cystic fibrosis adult life often means living alone, on a very limited income, sometimes at end stages of the disease.

“When I learned that some of our young adults were going without needed food I knew that we needed to raise the funds to meet their needs, and Help One Love One was born” said Mrs McLain.

Our vision is to grow our program to the length of satisfying the nutritional & supportive needs of any person with cystic fibrosis who needs our aid, until a cure is found. Our initial plan is to help adults with cystic fibrosis. Often they have exhausted the resources that were once available to them when they were children. Often adults are not eligible for some programs that target children and now they carry their own independent adult living expenses. As the needs of the adult cf population are met we would like to expand the program to include children and families with cystic fibrosis.

This program is currently designed to meet the needs of adults with cf at The Minnesota Cystic Fibrosis Center. If you would like information about becoming a chapter program please contact us.
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