January 2018 Newsletter – New Year, New Team, New Vision

New Year           New Team         New Vision

Dear Partners,
Already, just 15 days into the New Year, exciting things are happening at Help One Love One. It is with excitement that we welcome Liz Dorn of Liz Dorn Consulting, Rochester, Minnesota and Allison Scholl of Acorn Group, Charlottesville, Virginia to our HOLO team. Liz and Allison are long time business partners experienced in capacity building for emerging nonprofits. Allison’s expertise is in organizational strategy and fundraising. Liz is a specialist in grant writing and fundraising. They bring 40 years of combined professional experience in the non-profit sector and began partnering with us in September as our new strategic growth team.

With hours and hours of strategic planning, our board of directors, Liz, Allison and I have hammered out a challenging and progressive three year strategic growth plan with the goal of being able to not only completely fund the nutritional needs of cystic fibrosis patients at the Minnesota Cystic Fibrosis Center where we first learned of the problem of food insecurity for CF patients, but we will also widen our outreach to all people with CF in the state of Minnesota as well as, eventually, a region surrounding Minnesota.

Honestly, I’ve searched for a partnership team like Liz Dorn and Allison Scholl for several years. The leadership they are bringing to our organization is exactly what is needed to propel us to the next phase of growth. With that leadership we will not only help more people who have cystic fibrosis but it will also give us the ability to bring more services to the CF community.

In the next couple of months you will start to see vital changes. We are rebranding our name and appearance to more clearly define who we are and what we do. Our new name, approved by the State of Minnesota on January 3rd, is Cystic Fibrosis Relief Fund (CFRF).  You’ll start seeing our new name and logo as early as next month.  The heart of the Cystic Fibrosis Relief fund will still be to help and love each person with cystic fibrosis individually; nothing will change regarding our delivery of care.  However, having a name that quickly identifies us with cystic fibrosis promises to be advantageous for growth.

You may begin writing your checks to the Cystic Fibrosis Relief Fund or CFRF.  If old habits trip you up and you write your check to Help One Love One we will still be able to cash them for the next few months, so don’t fret.  We’ll transition slowly but completely by mid year.

Our CFers gratefully rely on your generous support so their pantries and refrigerators can be filled with the food they need to get healthy and stay healthy this winter. So please wish our new strategic plan well by writing your check for $10, $25, $35, $50, $100 or more this month. Then stay tuned each month as we roll out new and exciting stages of our new enriched programming for people who have cystic fibrosis.

Thank you,
Kelly McLain, Executive Director

Two financial gifts were donated in December in Memory of loved ones who lost their lives in December.

Steven & Stephanie Kreofsky gave a generous donation in memory of Steve’s father, Bill Kreofsky.  Bill has a granddaughter who is bravely battling cystic fibrosis.

Doug & Sibyl Anderson gave a generous donation in memory of their son, Jeff C. Anderson, who tragically died in an industrial accident in December.  Jeff has a son who battles CF.

Also, very special condolences go out to the family and friends of Dr. Edward J. O’Connell of Rochester, MN.  Dr. O’Connell lovingly cared for many CF patients during his decades of practice at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. O’Connell passed away in early December at the age of 83.

Our hearts and prayers go out to these families as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.

Thank you to all who donated to our End of Year GoFundMe Campaign.  It raised $1575 that we will use to continue to provide food support to people who have cystic fibrosis.

 New logo         New Website

New envelope design

New Newletter design

Watch for these exciting changes in February.

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