December 2017 Newsletter –

Dear Partners,

Everyday a person with Cystic Fibrosis on our program worries where their next meal is coming from then they reach in their purse or wallet and touch a plastic gift card to their favorite food store and realize that lunch is a quick shopping trip away, thanks to you.

December is a month filled with food.  There are office parties, family gatherings, church potlucks and even fruitcakes in tins but for the person who doesn’t have enough money for food it can be a daily reminder that their life is more difficult than most.  While many of us are complaining about our ever expanding waistlines from eating too many sweet treats this holiday, the person with CF, without the luxury of a full time job because of declining health, finds their waistline shrinking with ease.

So many things in life are not fair.  The decline of ones health because they have a genetic disease is certainly not fair.  Losing their job because they are constantly ill is not fair either yet for many this December that is their plight. It’s hard to buy food when you don’t have a job and money.

This year we’ve been able to help 15 people who have CF worry a little less about food availability.  Your kindness and generosity has made that possible.  The only way they have to thank you is through me.  I am their voice and all I can possibly do is type two little heartfelt words….Thank You!

As you gather around tables full of delicious food this holiday season  remember that someone out there is thanking you for their nutritious plate of food.  You have made an enormous difference in their life this year.  Yet January will come and their need will continue.  As we send our heartfelt gratitude to you for another successful year of food on plates of people who have Cystic Fibrosis I encourage you to continue being that blessing in 2018.  Please, write your check today before the busyness of the season gets in your way.  And that final year donation is tax deductible too.

Forever grateful,

Kelly McLain, Executive Director


What Our CF Adults Are Saying

Thanks for helping me stock the fridge after 2 hospital stays this month!  C.B.

Merry Christmas.  Thanks for Helping Me this year.  M.A.


Shop this Holiday Season

Still Holiday Shopping?  If you are an online shopper remember that Amazonsmile (Amazon) will donate .05% of your qualifying purchase price to Help One Love One if you shop through the link on our website.  There is no extra cost to you.  Amazon simply grants the .05% to our organization because you shopped with them.  You’re going to shop anyway so why not provide an extra FREE gift of nutrition to our CF adults while you shop online.


December Can Recycling Report

Kings Crossing Bar and Grill                          $25.00

Byron Group                                                      $10.25

Total…………………………………………   $35.25



Every gift helps us provide lifesaving nutrition


 A gift of $25 provides groceries for 1 week for 1 CF adult.

A gift of $75 provides groceries for 1 week for 3 CF adults.

A gift of $150 provides groceries for 1 week for 6 CF adults.

A gift of $1200 provides groceries for 1 year for 1 CF adult

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