September 2017 Newsletter – A hurricane of health

We’ve all been watching the devastation of hurricane’s Irma and Harvey this past month.  Our hearts go out to folks who have lost part or all of their possessions or even more horrifying, their health or their very lives.

So much of our lives are unpredictable.  At any time a tornado, fire, hurricane or other devastating event of nature can rip through our lives.  For most of our HOLO recipients that was the reality that entered their lives the day they were born.  An unknown pair of genes inherited from their parents defined a lifetime of devastation to come.  For most people these big storms will present a set-back that will soon be overcome within a year or two then life will resume normalcy again.  But for the person who has CF the destruction keeps tearing down the walls of their lives over and over again each year.  The continuous wreckage of the disease is overwhelming to say the least.

Rebuilding after storms often excites masses of people to come together with funding, man-power, tools, food, and various other helpful items. Lives are quickly put back into order when lots of people come together with a single goal of bringing restoration after something devastating has happened.

In the CF life help is often needed for decades.  Our hope is that in time, with medical advancements, the storm of CF will eventually quiet down and hit with less frequency and with less devastation.  But for today, especially for the CFer’s who were born in the 1970’s through the 1990’s the enormous damage has usually been done.  The structure has been damaged for a lifetime.  A human body can’t be torn down and rebuilt the way a house can after a hurricane.  In CF the biggest hope is in the field of transplanting organs after they have been destroyed by the disease but even then there is no real surety that the body will be restored.  That is a remodel, not a rebuild.

Just like the unfairness of a hurricane destroying a home or business it is equally unfair when a disease destroys a life.  But when HOLO partners unite with a single goal of bringing restoration, stability can be built among the rubble.  You, our faithful partners, have brought that restoration to the past and current adults who face the destructive powers of cystic fibrosis on their lives every day.  The meals you provide with your dollars bring comfort, nourishment, and restore hope in their lives.  You give them a chance to rebuild their broken houses that they call their bodies.

Thank you for your helpful support.  Your $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000 dollars are literally saving lives of the people we serve.  So, once again, I’ll ask you to continue supporting our nutrition program where your dollars are turned into meals that literally save the life of an appreciative person who battles cystic fibrosis every day.



What our CFers are saying:

Thank you everyone at HOLO!  You guys are serious life savers!  M.D.

I just wanted to send you an email thanking you so much for the gift cards.  They have helped out tremendously and I can’t express it enough.  Thank you again J    W.Q.

Thank you so much !!!  S.M.




Help One Love One Receives Thrivent Choice Dollars      

We received $152 from the Thrivent Choice Dollars program this month because two of our partners donated their Thrivent Choice Dollars to HOLO.  If you are a Thrivent Customer you know about this program.  Help One Love One is registered as a nonprofit organization which you can direct your dollars.  Please, consider choosing Help One Love One when you receive your Choice Dollars to spend.


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