November 2017 – Thank you

Dear Partners,

At Help One Love One we are always grateful to our donors for your generous financial help to provide nutritional support to people who have Cystic Fibrosis.  Almost monthly I receive thank-you notes from our program recipients.  This month I thought I’d let them do the talking by sharing many of the notes I’ve received this past year.  As you begin the holiday season you can reflect upon all the good you have done to make a person’s life easier this year.  They are grateful and so am I.

Kelly McLain, Executive Director

Words are never enough to say how thankful I am.  W.D.           

Thank you for all that you do.  You’ve helped on so many levels each month, truly a blessing. A.B.

Baking cookies this month!  White Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal!!  So Good!! Thank you for the love and support. C.B.

I am so grateful for HOLO!!  T.S.

Thank you!  A.B.

I just don’t know what I would do without HOLO’s help.  Thank you! K.C.

Everyone at HOLO, Happy Spring! Summer!  I hope everyone is all well.  Thank you always for what you do for us.  M.D.

Thank you so much HOLO for offering me the support to eat better! T.S.

Thank you everyone at HOLO!  You guys are serious life savers!  M.D.

I just wanted to send you an email thanking you so much for the gift cards.  They have helped out tremendously and I can’t express it enough.  Thank you again.  W. Q.

Thank you so much !!!  S.M.

We cannot thank you enough for giving these gift cards for food each month.  It has helped [our daughter] to survive on her own!  I just thank you all for what you are doing.  You are making such a difference.  S.K.




       Every gift helps us provide lifesaving nutrition.


A gift of $25 provides groceries for 1 week for 1 CF adult.

A gift of $75 provides groceries for 1 week for 3 CF adults.

A gift of $150 provides groceries for 1 week for 6 CF adults.

A gift of $1200 provides groceries for 1 year for 1 CF adult.


Gratitude and Thanksgiving

At this thanksgiving season I’d like to express my gratitude to the people who make HOLO possible.  All year long our faithful volunteer office assistant, Sheryl Miller, provides many hours of service.  She accurately records your contributions, readies the deposits, prepares many in-house printing projects, and is incredibly important to the work we do here at HOLO.  My gratitude also goes to Lainy Kriss who helped us fold newsletters earlier in the year.  Her arthritis keeps her from helping now but she sure was a tremendous help earlier in the year.  My husband, Larry McLain, is also a tremendous help.  He does many technical things behind the scenes that are too numerous to mention.

I’d also like to thank and recognize our HOLO Board of Directors, Lisa Lundquist and Megan Benefield, who willingly and cheerfully guide the decisions of this organization. Also to our professional advisor, Wayne Richardson, whose expertise is ready at the asking.

Thank you all for your continued faithful service to HOLO and the recipients it serves.



Shop this Holiday Season

Holiday shopping has begun.  If you are an online shopper remember that Amazonsmile (Amazon) will donate .05% of your qualifying purchase price to Help One Love One if you shop through the link on our website.  There is no extra cost to you.  Amazon simply grants the .05% to our organization because you shopped with them.  You’re going to shop anyway so why not provide an extra FREE gift of nutrition to our CF adults while you shop online.


Consider an Extra End of Year Tax Deductible Gift

As you consider your end of year tax deductible gift giving, please consider an additional gift to Help One Love One.  Approximately 15 CF adults at the U of MN CF Center go hungry each month, or worse, lose their battle with the disease because of malnutrition.  The only thing that stands in the way of meeting their need is money. You can be their hero, their miracle.

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