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In the United States we are in the political fight of our life over healthcare.  While many of us are discouraged by the politics of the issue, putting real faces to the situation helps us define and navigate our choices.  For obvious reasons I care deeply about how all this affects the CF community as well as humanity at large.  Healthcare affects us all in various ways but for people who are currently hurt or ill the argument is fresh on our minds daily.

In the American debate are conversations about our neighbors to the north, the Canadians, who enjoy universal healthcare coverage, a single payer system.  A comparison of the U.S. system and the Canadian system was explored in 2014 by Aaron Carroll of Heathcare Triage.  Interestingly, in Canada the average life expectancy for a person with cystic fibrosis is a full 10 years longer than in the United States.  There are different theories as to why there is such a large difference between neighboring countries.  One school of thought is that Canadians with CF are more likely to have lung transplants.  About 10 percent of CF patients go on to have lung transplants in Canada compared to 6.5 percent in the U.S.

Another theory is that Canadian Health Service had an aggressive nutritional support program in the 1970’s, encouraging CF patients to eat high-calorie, high fat diets long before their American counterparts.

However, the most likely reason for such a difference in life expectancy is the way the healthcare system is run.  The entire population of Canada receives free healthcare for life through the government, whereas Americans need to individually pay for health insurance.  When the financial worry is removed from nutrition and healthcare it appears that life expectancy increases.  When health is maintained it is possible for people to work longer years and contribute through taxation, benefiting all of society.

At HOLO we can draw a couple conclusions from this study: One, that supporting nutrition for persons who have CF plays a vital role in preserving, improving and enriching CF lives.  Two, that a universal healthcare system is a proven winner for our Canadian neighbors so being open to consider it for Americans is a conversation worth exploring.  If a universal system has the ability to enrich and extend life by 10 years for people with a disease as complicated and expensive as cystic fibrosis how many more vital years does it have to offer citizens who have only minor health afflictions?  We’ll only find answers when we explore options and engage in informed and open discussions.  In the mean while thank you for keeping our HOLO recipient’s grocery carts full each month. Helping them with nutrition truly does make a tremendous difference in their health. We can’t do this important work without your generous support.

Kelly McLain, Executive Director



A gift of $25 provides groceries for 1 week for 1 CF adult.

A gift of $75 provides groceries for 1 week for 3 CF adults.

A gift of $150 provides groceries for 1 week for 6 CF adults.

A gift of $1200 provides groceries for 1 year for 1 CF adult.


aluminum cans    AUGUST CAN REPORT

King’s Crossing Bar & Grill          12.50

Byron Group                              3.80



WHAT OUR CF ADULTS ARE SAYING         man eating cereal

Thank you so much HOLO for offering me the support to eat better!   T.S.



AmazonSmileWe received a check from Amazonsmile for $15.27.  When you shop through our Amazonsmile button on our website Amazon send HOLO .05% of your qualifying purchase price.  There is no extra cost to you.  Amazon simply grants the .05% to our organization because you shopped with them.  You’re going to shop anyway so why not provide an extra FREE gift of nutrition to our CF adults while you shop online. Thanks for thinking of HOLO when you shop with Amazon.



Cub Foods Sign

Cub Foods of Rochester, Minnesota has been a supporting partner of HOLO for over seven years. When we purchase a gift card for $1000 Cub Foods adds an extra $10 to the card.  To date Cub Foods has added $2645 to gift cards over the past 7 years.  That is a lot of nutrition for our program recipients.  We are grateful for Rochester Cub Foods generous support.  Pictured are store manager, Scott Sheridan and HOLO Executive Director, Kelly McLain

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