May 2017 Newsletter

May is Cystic Fibrosis Month

May is a magical month in Minnesota.  It’s when everything seems to wake-up from the long winter slumber.  The grass turns green, trees bud, streams flow and birds sing.  Everywhere you look life just seems to jump out at you.  So it is appropriate that as life springs forth that May is also officially declared to be Cystic Fibrosis month.  I personally like the sentiment that the focus for Cystic Fibrosis progress is one that is focused on life.  For decades Cystic Fibrosis was known as the disease that kills (and it definitely still does).  Within the last decade we have watched that tide start to turn to realizing that the terrible effects of CF can often be managed so that the focus can be on life instead of death.

One of the things that has been scientifically realized in the last decade for a person who has CF is that excellent nutrition can have a larger impact than what was originally though.  Researchers and doctors always knew that nutrition was important but it wasn’t always realized that some patients didn’t always have enough money to keep up with the enormous tab at the grocery store.  Let’s face it, no one wants to admit that they don’t have enough money to purchase enough food.  So when a doctor or dietitian says “We really need to get your weight up.  Let’s set a goal for you to get an extra 1000 calories each day and see how your weight looks at your next clinic visit.” Well, easier said than done when only a few dollars remain in your wallet.  A thousand extra calories can easily add up to an extra $3-6 dollars each day.  That’s $90- $180 more dollars each month.  When faced with reduced employment hours due to becoming disabled with the disease and only being able to work part-time or not being able to work at all, coming up with that extra money each month can be impossible.  If the money is not available the person’s only choice is to watch their health decline even more.

But, when Help One Love One (HOLO) gets involved and provides those dollars a person has a chance to add calories to their grocery cart each month and watch their health improve or stabilize.  You, our faithful Partners have the ability to literally change the trajectory of a cystic fibrosis person’s health when you send your dollars.  We’re so thankful for those of you who faithfully support our program.  Fifteen people depend upon us every single month for additional nutritional support.  As the person who actually gets to talk to our HOLO recipients, I can tell you that they are truly thankful.  You give them more than food each month, you give them hope.  Please, continue to support our efforts by sending your best financial gift today.  Then, go out and enjoy the wonderful month of May where life is literally exploding in front of you. 

Kelly McLain, Executive Director


Med City Pasta Fest Fundraiser for HOLO – Volunteers Needed May 27th

 Over 2500 runners compete in the Med City Marathon starting in Byron and ending in Rochester the last weekend in May.  Help One Love One (HOLO) and Rochester Outreach Center (ROC) are partnering to fundraise together at the first annual Med City Pasta Fest on Saturday May 27th.  Runners love to carbohydrate load before running so we will be providing an all-you-can-eat spaghetti, garlic bread and cookie meal the evening before the big 20 mile marathon.  We plan to serve up to 500 runners.  Our event is open to marathon runners as well as the general public.  The event will be held at the Zumbro Lutheran Church at 624 Third Ave SW in Rochester.  Serving begins at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.

If you would like to volunteer to help, we would love to have your willing hands on that day.  We’ll start setting up at 2:00 p.m. at the Church.  We still need volunteers to help with cooking, serving, parking attendants, money table, general flow and clean-up. Many hands make for light work. We invite you to come out, pitch in, and help us for a couple hours or help for the whole event.  If you can’t work the event we hope you’ll consider stopping by with friends and family to enjoy the meal. Prices are $12 for ages 13 and up, $5 for children 5-12, free for children under age 4.  All proceeds will benefit HOLO and the ROC.  Please, phone Kelly at 507-775-6332 to volunteer so we can get you placed on our schedule.   You can read more about the marathon and the ROC at their websites.           


Aluminum Can Report – Turning Trash into Cash for HOLO

 Kings Crossing Bar & Grill              $    7.00

Ward Group – Monon, Indiana      $  97.30

Byron Group                                       $    5.50

Total…………………………………..   $109.80

 Thank you for your support!!!


 What Our CFers Are Saying

 I’m so grateful for HOLO !!  T.S.

Thank you !    A.B.

I just don’t know what I would do without HOLO’s help.  Thank you!  K.C.


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