April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Partners,

It’s always about the money, isn’t it?  And we at Help One Love One are always grateful for the money you share to make food possible for our nutrition program recipients.

First let us thank you for your 2016 donations.  Your funds made it possible for 16 people who have Cystic Fibrosis to receive consistent funding in 2016.  One of our goals is to provide stability for the people we invite into our program. It takes steady financial management of our funds to make sure that each and every month we are able to supply a consistent amount of dollars to our recipients. The only way a person with CF can gain weight and maintain that weight is by having consistent grocery dollars each and every month.  A single month of reduced funding can cause them to lose every pound gained after months of support. For this reason we purposefully operate with a little bit of funds in reserve in our account.  In 2016 we were very thankful for that wise decision because we took in less money in 2016 than in the previous year.  Our reserve funds made it possible for every recipient to receive consistent funding in 2016.  We can tell you that it came down to the wire but we were able to stay true to our goal of providing the consistent funding. Your faithful end-of-year donations kept us in the “black” and provided us with a strong start to 2017.  We thank you most graciously!

Every dollar you send represents a loaf of bread, a box of cereal, an apple, a gallon of milk, or perhaps a sandwich at McDonald’s or Subway.  Your dollars bring stability, hope, and independence to our CFers.  Do you know that nutrition is one of the easiest ways for a person who has CF to stabilize their lung function?  Medicine alone often cannot do it.  Calories count where CF is concerned, especially for those people whose lung function has decreased because of years of enduring the disease. Calories often literally mean life. And because money is how we make this all happen we’ll ask you once again to take out your checkbook or go to our website and offer another gift of love so we can continue to make miracles happen in 2017.   

Kelly McLain, Executive Director


Thank you to the following volunteers who collectively donated 1292 volunteer hours in 2016.

Lisa Lundquist           Megan Benefield        Kelly McLain       Marge Oliver

Sheryl Miller              Larry McLain             Keith McLain       Lainy Kriss

Lindsay Jones            Wayne Richardson      Sid Pranke

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